Invisible braces

Clear aligners have revolutionised the field of orthodontics. By means of splints that are worn all day long, your teeth will correct their position comfortably and practically imperceptibly.

In addition, trasnparent aligners allow you to continue with your hygiene routine, as they are removed from the mouth for brushing and can be used with dental floss or any other device for cleaning between the teeth.
Another advantage is that, as well as being comfortable and discreet, aligners present very few emergencies in the practice, as there are no wires to pinch or brackets to come off. And if that was not enough, they also provide more flexibility with appointments, so if you travel or spend weeks out of town, appointments can be arranged so that you don't have to attend check-ups as often as you would with the
conventional braces

At Muñoz Dental Clinics we are certified by Invisalign®, a pioneering brand in invisible orthodontics.

Through 3D virtual images we will show you the movements that your teeth will follow during the treatment. This will allow you to see what your teeth will look like at the end of the treatment.

At Muñoz Dental Clinics we will improve your smile little by little without you noticing it.

Fixed braces

It is the technique that has been used for the longest time for the correction of malocclusions.

It is done by attaching brackets to the surface of the teeth, then a wire is placed around the entire arch and elastic bands or metal bands that attach the brackets to the wire. In this way, forces are exerted that move the teeth. From time to time, the orthodontist will adjust the braces to produce the necessary displacement to correct the dental malposition.

Fixed orthodontics is used to correct any type of malocclusion, such as:
• crowding
• diastemas: spaces between the teeth
• open bite: the teeth do not meet each other
• overbite: the upper teeth completely cover the lower teeth
• crossbite: the lower teeth bite outside of the upper teeth.

There are two types of brackets that can be used for fixed orthodontics:
metallic and aesthetic.

Aesthetic ones are more discreet, as they are tooth-coloured and hardly noticeable.
Metal ones are the most common and usually have a lower cost.

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