Marta Martin

Nº colegiado 46003670

Studies performed

  • Degree in Dentistry Universidad Cardenal Herrera Ceu. Valencia.
  • Doctorate Course In Health Sciences Cardenal Herrera Ceu University. Valencia
  • Opositora Para Ingreso En La Escala De Oficiales Del Cuerpo Militar De Sanidad.
  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics Catholic University of Valencia (2nd year)
  • Improvement in Implantology and Prosthesis on Implants. Ilapeo. Curitiba (Brazil)
  • Specialist in Sports Dentistry.
  • Postgraduate in dental aesthetics together with the Certificate "Current Concenpts in Esthetic Dentistry" from NYU. Dr. Joan Autrán (Barcelona) 2015.

Courses received

  • Dentistry in the world of sport; the oral health of the athlete and its results. Mauricio Yonamine. International Congress of Dentistry of São Paulo (CIOSP) 2019.
  • Sports dentistry in paralympic sports. Carlos Bezerra de Albuquerque. International Dental Congress of São Paulo (CIOSP) 2019.
  • FIFA diploma in Football Medicine by Federation International Football Association. 2018
  • Advanced course on diagnosis and treatment of TMD and orofacial pain. Dr. Giovaldo Paiva. 2018
  • Course on Tscan and TMD. Diagnosis and treatment with digital technologies. São Paulo. 2018
  • Course in Sports Management. Gustavo Drago. International congress of dentistry of São Paulo. 2018.
  • Dental factors that interfere in the athlete's psychological. Gabriel Puopolo de Almeida. International congress of dentistry of São Paulo. 2018.
  • Course Sports Dentistry and sports mouth and face protectors. Dr. Eli Luis Namba. Curitiba (Brazil). 2017
  • Immersion course in sports dentistry and mouth guards. Dr. Eli Luis Namba. Curitiba (Brazil). 2017
  • Advanced aesthetic fixed prosthesis course. Dr. Ernesto Mallat and Dr Javier de Miguel (Valencia) 2016
  • Update on implant prostheses. Dr. Guillermo Pradíes Ramiro (Valencia) 2015
  • Digital Smile Desing Course. Dr jose Antonio Saiz-pardo (Jaén) 2015
  • Clinical applications of platelet growth factors, multi-micropuncture and mesotherapy. Dr. Ana Sanz
    Cerezo (Madrid) 2013
  • Practical seminar-course. Hyaluronic acid variodem-fillers, infiltration techniques (Madrid) 2013
  • Theoretical-practical course. Improvement of the lower easy third with fillers. Dr. Ana Sans Cerezo (Madrid) 2013
  • Course advanced implant dentistry & periodontics. Prof. Lior Shapira. Jerusalem School of Dentistry (Israel) 2012
  • Module I course in composites. GC Dental. Leuven (Brussels) 2011
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