Immediate implant placement 

This treatment consists of placing implants and fixed prostheses (teeth) on the same day. This allows you to return to your professional and personal life quickly. In other words, you will be able to eat and smile again
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What is immediate implantology?

The immediate function and aesthetics technique is a variant of the classic implant technique and is one of the most revolutionary and impressive treatments in dental implantology.

With this immediate technique, the patient can enjoy fixed and aesthetic teeth, on the newly placed implants, within a few hours of the intervention. In this way, aesthetics and chewing are immediately restored, and the patient can even eat a solid diet on the same day of treatment.
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Muñoz Dental Clinics has extensive experience in carrying out these immediate aesthetic and functional treatments, due to the large number of patients treated.

One of the main advantages is that most patients return to normal life 24-48 hours after treatment. In addition, we avoid the long periods of time during which, with classic treatment, you have to wear a removable prosthesis (dentures), with all the discomfort that this entails: the need to remove the prosthesis for cleaning, mobility, mucosal ulcers, phonetic problems, masticatory alterations, etc.
These techniques of immediate function and aesthetics allow the replacement of one or more teeth at a time, either in the upper jaw or in the mandible; even full-mouth treatments can be carried out.

Its excellent results are based on the numerous studies published in the scientific literature that demonstrate that dental implants osseointegrate (attach to the bone) in perfect conditions and with very high success rates under axial functional forces, which are transmitted by those perfectly fitted fixed teeth that are placed on the same day as the implants are inserted.

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